14 Fan Photos Of James Franco Hating the World

By Christopher Rosa

James Franco is  headlining The Great White Way in the classic Of Mice and Men (also starring Leighton Meester and Chris O’Dowd). And you know what that means? FAN SELFIES AFTER THE SHOW, DUH.

It’s customary for Broadway actors to meet fans after the show for autographs and photos. Since this is Franco’s debut, he’s a little…erm, rusty to the meet-and-greet game. Some days, he’s happy and bubbly to see his admirers lined up to touch his hand. Other days he looks like he hates everything ever made ever. And the contrast of a fan’s goofy grin and Franco’s “f–k the world” face is pretty darn hilarious. Some might say he’s the new Grumpy Cat (read: we’re saying it). Maybe he’s still spooked from the time he tried to pick up a teenager…?

If you’re in the mood for a good chuckle, take a gander at these painfully awkward fan selfies with Mr. Franco. The fans are so happy to be there and he…well, would rather stick needles in his eyes.

*Photo captions are not quotes from fans or Franco. They are for (hopefully) humorous purposes only. 

If Franco ever wants to step up his selfie game, these Sports Illustrated models know a thing or two.

[Photo Credits: Twitter, Instagram]