Happy 25th Anniversary, Seinfeld! Prepare To Read A Post About Nothing

Where would we be without big salads?

Seinfeld, the TV show as we know it, started out as a pilot on July 5, 1989 called The Seinfeld Chronicles. After a shaky first episode devoid of Elaine Benes and Kramer (Michael Richards played the part but he was named Kessler back then — it’s truly a bizarro-Jerry thing to watch), the show found its footing and became the pillar of nothingness that we all recognize.

When most TV shows end, they’re mourned and, if they’re lucky, they live on in syndication, but Seinfeld left such an impact on pop culture that there are references that still pop up in daily life that we’re guessing people (kids these days!) don’t even realize came from the show. From skinny mirrors to shrinkage to big salads, here are the things that are just as relevant over two decades later. This is not comprehensive by any means, so if you think we missed any essential references, feel free to air your grievances in the comments.

Hello, And Welcome To Moviefone

“Why don’t you just tell me the movie you’d like to see?” More than Kramer’s attempt at being the voice of Moviefone, the fictional film titles from this show have taken on a life of their own. If you DON’T know that Rochelle Rochelle is about a young girl’s strange, erotic journey from Milan to Minsk, what good are you? And if you don’t know the Bette Midler-sung Broadway adaptation of that film, (“So you made a long journey/From Milan to Minsk…”) you’re probably the kind of person who’d rather go see Chunnel anyway.

[Photo: NextMovie — it’s worth visiting their site to see ALL their reimagined Seinfeld movie posters)

Big Salads

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