Happy Independence Day! Here Are 10 Child Stars Who Were Emancipated From Their Parents

Tomorrow is Independence Day, a time when Americans traditionally celebrate freedom by grilling meat patties and setting off explosives. But right now we’d like to take a look at 10 individuals who demonstrated their independence in a different kind of way…Yes, we’re talking about child stars who broke away from their (occasionally deadbeat) parents through emancipation!

You’d be surprised how many young people took legal action to stand on their own and represent themselves. Despite the stereotype, these kids don’t always seek emancipation because their parents won’t let them eat pizza every night for dinner. Sometimes they undergo the process to skirt child labor laws, allowing them to complete their film work. And occasionally it’s because their mom and dad are sponging away their hard-earned Hollywood bucks. Some families have since kissed and made up, while other rifts have yet to be mended.

Head up to the gallery above for 10 young stars who took freedom to a whole new level by filing for emancipation from their folks!

Captions by Chris Rosa

[Photo: Getty Images]



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