Last Lap: Is Glee Star Lea Michele Pregnant?

The new, eerie Gone Girl trailer and movie posters are released, Marvel reveals big news about Captain America and does Mel Gibson regret his anti-Semitic remarks?

  • No, Lea Michele is not pregnant, she’s just the latest victim of Twitter hacking. In addition to Chris Colfer, the Glee star revealed that her account was corrupted over the weekend: I was HACKED! Guess @chriscolfer and I should have known better then to make our passwords the names of our cats:).” [Elvis Duran]
  • The second trailer for Gone Girl is here, revealing more of the film’s plot (did Ben Affleck really kill his wife?) as well the ensemble cast (hi, Neil Patrick Harris!).¬†[E!]
  • Who will be next in line to wear the Captain America uniform? Marvel Comics just announced that Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) will be replaced by a new character in Captain America #25, premiering this fall. [MTV News]
  • Despite Gary Oldman’s controversial Playboy interview, Mel Gibson isn’t interested in responding, or revisiting his public use of anti-Semitic comments. He recently told the Hollywood Reporter that “it’s behind me… I’ve dealt with it and I’ve dealt with it responsibly.” [Yahoo]

[Photo Credit: Splash News]

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