Double Take: Hollywood Hotties With Older Movie Star Doppelgangers

Every generation thinks that their movie stars are the hottest, the sexiest, the most lust-worthy (ask your mom about Dustin Hoffman in 1968 and prepare to be shocked). But there’s nothing new in Hollywood — certainly not when it comes to its pin-ups. What was once considered attractive always come back full circle.

Take Rob Lowe, for example. He was arguably the most beautiful young actor in 1984. Twenty years later, moviedom is overrun with Lowe-lookalikes (Ian Somerholder and Zac Efron, to name a few). You think Jon Hamm’s slicked-back black hair and dapper rogue swag is delicious? So did women in the 1940’s, when they were fantasizing about Cary Grant. Everything old is new again, kids.

Here, we compare some of today’s sexiest male celebs with their older movie star lookalikes. Some might surprise you!

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]