When Reports Surface That Eva Mendes Is Having Ryan Gosling’s Baby, The Earth Weeps

Wednesday has officially been canceled due to the news that Eva Mendes is allegedly pregnant with Ryan Gosling’s baby. OK! magazine first reported that Eva is seven months pregnant with Baby Goose’s child, and that the entire thing is a “dream come true” for the happy couple. If love and babies and morning sickness are so great, then why do I feel so bad? 

Was I wrong to waste time hoping that after the 10-year anniversary of The Notebook, Ryan and ex-girlfriend Rachel McAdams would reconnect, only to ride off into the sunset like shirtless Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez? I know they broke up in 2008. And, yes, Ryan and Eva can be cute together, both on screen and off (see below).

[Photo Credit: Splash News]

They’re also both ridiculously good looking. They really should procreate if only to bring more beauty into this sad and ugly world.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

And maybe I can already picture him being a very supportive father, in the delivery room and on Saturday afternoons when he treats his baby boy or girl to be named later to ice cream after his or her soccer game. But if Ryan is about to say goodbye to his single life of breaking up random street fights and refusing to eat cereal, he should be doing it with Rachel, right? RIGHT? Don’t believe every Nicholas Sparks film you watch, I guess. Now excuse me while I go sob into my tube of Wite-Out.

Luckily I’m not the only one with a lot of feelings right now.


If you’re a bird, I’m a bird, Ryan. But please confirm or deny whether you’re two months away from diaper duty as soon as you can. This is information that the world needs to know!

[Photo Credit: Splash News]