VH1 Vintage: Zach Braff Knows You Love His Luscious Lips

Zach Braff doesn’t need us to tell him that people are crazy about his pillowy lips. And because he’s been blessed with such natural beauty, he’s not going to deny his friends the pleasure of receiving a big fat wet one.

The actor is currently starring in Bullets Over Broadway along with promoting new film Wish I Was Here, the Kickstarter turned Sundance Festival feature featuring his longtime friend Kate Hudson. But back in 2007, he really just wanted to talk about his kissing pals Amanda Peet and Jason Bateman. According to some important anthropological research, it appears he was also paving the way for duck face around that same time:

In honor of Throwback Thursday, watch Dr. Dorian explain how much he appreciates you loving his luscious lips in the video above.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]