Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton Are Doing Great and 15 Things We Learned from Her Reddit AMA

Nicole Richie — star of the new VH1 show, Candidly Nicole — delighted fans on Thursday when she sat down to answer just about anything during a Reddit AMA. The online Q&A series is notorious for connecting fans directly to their favorite stars and getting those unexpected (and candid) answers. Richie proved to be no different, taking on questions about her former BFF and The Simple Life co-star Paris Hilton (“It’s been great“), her father Lionel, and all things Britney Spears. (There were a lot of questions about Ms. Spears.)

We never expected to learn so much about the reality star but we’re happy we did.

Her Favorite Lionel Richie Song: “Ballerina Girl!”

Her Favorite Good Charlotte Song:Harlow’s song.”

Her Craziest Memory From The Simple Life:Simple Life was so fun for me. I was 21, and you know, going through these different experiences and doing it with my best friend, and it was a really fun time in my life. One of the craziest things… I mean, sticking my hand up a cow is probably what stands out to me, and is a feeling I will never forget.”

Her Favorite Thing About Being A Mom:Well my favorite thing about being a mom is getting to relive your childhood all over again, that’s one of my favorite things. And my favorite thing about being a wife? I have more freedom to just be crazy, because he’s already stuck with me.”

Her Advice To Kids:Don’t tweeze your eyebrows too soon.”

The Most Memorable Gift She’s Ever Received:Well, there’s a few. A gift from my mom, she gave me a piece of her jewelry, I was about 12 and I still have it, it’s a sapphire necklace. And my car was a big one. And lately I’ve been getting more thoughtful gifts from my family, any time my children draw or make me anything, my heart just melts completely, and I’m big on handwritten letters and I luckily get those a lot from my family.”

Her Cameo On Six Feet Under:It was so much fun, I was there for about two hours, but everybody on the set was really nice, and it was a pleasant experience.”

Her Final Meal: “A mixture of Tony Roma’s, In n Out number 2, something fresh like a grilled vegetable salad, just something very fresh to keep everything moving, a little sushi, a shot of tequila. I think that’ll do.”

Her Favorite Beverly Hills, 90210 Character:Luke Perry, Dylan, was my favorite. He was my first crush. I also loved Emily Valentine, she was a big one for me.”

Her Favorite Spice Girl:Ginger Spice.”

Her Go-To Karaoke Song:Eminem, ’Forgot About Dre.'”

Her Favorite Britney Song: “That’s a hard one. probably ’I’m A Slave 4 U’, just because I was a little bit older at the time, I was probably 18 and I remember the video being so big, her MTV awards performance being so big, and I Just remember everything at that time just seeming to make a big impact on my life!”

Whether She’ll Ever Release An Album:I would love to. I am doing everything I can to live a balanced life. I don’t ever take on anything unless i can put 100% into it. I love music, I love singing, I love playing piano, right now House of Harlow is where my heart is and where my focus is, and I owe it to my customer to give them my 100% attention.”

Her Other Plans In Life:I was training to be a professional figure skater, and I had been skating since I was 8 years old, and spent most of my teenage years traveling and competing around the world.”

How Her Show Is Different From Her Web Series: “Well, the coolest part is that we actually get to go deeper into each thing that we are exploring, and I get to bring it not necessarily one person but multiple people in whatever subject i am talking about, and it’s just been such a fun experience and it’s cool because people already know what the show is. So with that, you’re able to really have fun with the show.”

In case you haven’t checked it out yet, get your first look at Candidly Nicole premiering July 17 at 10/9C.

[Photo: Piotr Sikora for VH1]