Morris Chestnut: The Best Man Wedding A “Complete Departure” From Previous Films

Morris Chestnut was busy fending off fans at Comic-Con yesterday, where he promoted his new TNT miniseries Legends. When not talking up his show with Sean Bean (aka: the star one of the most iconic Game of Thrones scene ever), he gave us a little scoop on what fans can expect from the just-announced Best Man threequel, out April 2016. Chestnut says writer/director Malcolm Lee told him The Best Man Wedding is “a complete departure” from the first two films.

What could it mean?! No more New Edition lip-syncing performances?! Don’t do that to us, guys! We also asked what’s up with his character, Lance, who ended the last film [spoiler alert!] delivering his best friends’ baby in the back of an SUV immediately following his wife’s funeral. Chestnut fills us in about Legends and the Best Man Wedding, above.