Allison Williams As Peter Pan? Here Are 10 Choices That WOULDN’T Have Ruined Our Childhood

In what’s clearly the most random casting news of the day, Girls star Allison Williams has scored the lead role of Peter Pan in NBC’s Peter Pan Live. To be fair, previous casting announcements have included Christopher Walken (as Captain Hook), so it’s clear the December 4 production is going for the unconventional.

While Williams excels in the part of an insufferable perfectionist on her HBO series, she’s far from our first choice to step into those legendary tights. Maybe Marnie’s cringeworthy interpretation of Kanye West’s “Stronger” has something to do with it?
How about Miley Cyrus? She already rocks a pixie cut and we’d love to see her twerk with Tinker Bell. Kristin Chenoweth has the Broadway chops and the small stature to make it work. Or how about infusing some diversity into the classic story by casting Jennifer Hudson? She’s already on her way to achieving the coveted EGOT. Sorry, but we just can’t see Williams leading Wendy and her brothers across Neverland — can you? If today’s casting news is still too much for you to handle, browse through our gallery to see who we think has the magic to actually pull it off.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]