Which Athletes Actually Have Personalities?

It’s no secret that professional athletes are superhuman specimens with physical capabilities we can only dream of recreating. While they dazzle on the court or field, they’re aren’t always known for their charisma — or ability to convincingly read from a teleprompter. However, what they lack in people skills they make up for in strength or hand size. 

Every generation has a big-time athletic personality (think Dennis Rodman’s colorful hair and confounding marriages). In the last 10 years, sports stars have used their popularity and charisma to book major endorsement deals and television appearances, setting themselves up for a future of TV talk shows or commercial fame. Stars like Peyton and Eli Manning are letting their own personalities shine through, and are being handsomely reward for their work. Check out our list of athletes whose personalities are worth your time, even if you can’t tell the difference between football and foosball.

Victor Cruz

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While he plays for one of the NFL’s more straight-laced coaches (Tom Coughlin), the New Jersey native hasn’t been afraid to open himself up to the fans, frequently flashing his best dance moves in the end zone. Infusing NFL games with some flavor since late 2010, the New York Giants wide receiver is likely responsible for an upswing in salsa sales in the tri-state area.

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He’s also a clothes horse, frequently attending fashion events in the offseason, and has no problem ridiculing people for wearing tank tops. We appreciate someone who can tell it like it is.

Blake Griffin

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The Los Angeles Clipper has an intimidating dunk, and has quickly made a name for himself thanks to his sense of humor. Despite an 82-game NBA season, Griffin has found the time to film commercials for Kia and AT&T. He’s got a seemingly genuine delivery and is one of the rare athletes that doesn’t just look like he or she’s reading off of a cue card — as seen in the “Drake and Blake” sketch he performed with Drake (and, er, Chris Brown) at this year’s ESPY Awards.
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