Female Celebrities Who Make It Cool To Be a Cat Lady

By Sarah M. Smith

A cat lady: You know her as the old woman who lives a life of seclusion save for an abundance of furry, feline friends. Her pastimes include knitting with her kittens, watching re-runs of old soap operas, and seldom leaving the house. But this, my friends, is merely a misconstrued stereotype. Some of Tinseltown’s most purrfect celebrities are certifiably crazy about their cats. And you don’t see them knitting sweaters and eating cat food…

From Nina Dobrev’s endless love for her kitty companion, to Taylor Swift making her cats, Meredith and Olivia Benson, more famous than the oldest Jonas brother — what’s his name again? — these celebs will talk, tweet, and take photos of their kitties all day long. In fact, Dita Von Teese’s cat Aleister has his own Instagram account (and takes the best selfies). It’s no secret that cats have never been hotter. While you were forgetting about the Pussycat Dolls, Grumpy Cat was busy becoming an international sensation.

Join the club, and see what other famous females are feline-obsessed. If these kitties aren’t the tiniest, most adorable things you have ever seen than you must have left your heart at home today (or you really are just a dog person… ugh).

[Photo Credit: @ninadobrev]