Tina Majorino Not Only Gets Fandom, She Throws Harry Potter-Themed Parties

From Napoleon Dynamite to Bones, Grey’s Anatomy, and Veronica Mars, Tina Majorino has maintained a steady presence in beloved movies and shows over the years, always with rabid fandoms in tow. She began acting as a kid (Corrina, Corrina, When A Man Loves A Woman), and she has the strange honor of being in Kevin Costner’s epic flop Water World, which was, at the time, the most expensive movie ever made. Her career has been eclectic and unwavering, making her one of the most interesting working actresses out there today. (She’s also just really cool and down to earth with rad hair.) 

VH1 caught up with Majorino at Comic-Con, where she was promoting her new show Legends, which stars Sean Bean and Morris Chestnut, and accepting the Fandom of the Year award at the MTVu Fandom Awards. She tells us about the thing she is most obsessed with in her life: Harry Potter. Accio interview!

And check out Tina describing her crazy training for Legends: