Shade, Laughs and Tears: The Top 5 Moments From The Teen Choice Awards 2014

Lucy Hale almost gave away all of her secrets in a teeny tiny dress, Keeping Up With the Kardashians is somehow still winning awards and among all of the screaming teens were actually some notable takeaway moments from the Teen Choice Awards 2014.

We couldn’t look away from host Tyler Posey twerking all up on Jennifer Lopez… while there were grandmas in the audience. Jason Derulo showed us that putting on a damn good show and being extremely sexy while doing so is possible without lipsyncing and Taylor Swift was on the Hollywood scene as sexy as ever and has a little something to say to former beaus (jab, jab). And she wasn’t the only one. Selena Gomez doesn’t ignore the mess that Justin Bieber has brought into her life (Amen!) while Shailene Woodley is just a down-to-earth chick (that we could use more of in Hollywood). Yes, these awards are dedicated to America’s teens, but that doesn’t mean they were short of any juicy moments and drama we were guilty of partaking in.


1. Taylor Swift throws shade at not one, not two, but ALL of her ex-boyfriends.

“No one knows more about dramatic males than I do,” she said when presenting the award for Choice Movie Actor: Drama. We won’t argue that. Can we also all agree that this is the best T. Swift has ever looked? Wonder if her A-list exes are kicking themselves now. 

 2. Shailene Woodley gives a kick-ass acceptance speech dedicated to youths suffering from cancer.

Shailene gets real and makes us all remember what’s actually important in life. “You know, I am wearing heels and have a face complete of makeup on, and you guys are all dressed beautifully — and we’re all so fortunate to be alive, let alone breathing collectively in this wonderful area…” she said. “There is no explanation why we’re here and they are there — nothing is fair. So the greatest factor I took away from this film is that all we have is moments, and it is genuinely our job to wake up each and every day and be so grateful for these moments.” We love how she cuts through all of the glitz and glamour of over hyped Hollywood life by giving us all an important reality check. Kudos.

3. Ariana Grande’s plus one was her grandma.

How could you not love seeing grandma in the audience?! In her acceptance speech, Ariana acknowledges the rough month she’s had with her grandpa passing and said, “To all the teens out there who love to sing, who love to dance, who love to act, don’t ever stop. I was told ’no’ so many times and I never thought I’d be able to do what I’m doing now everyday and I didn’t take no for an answer. My nonna taught me to do that. My nonna’s sitting right there she’s my date tonight.” TOO precious.

4. Jennifer Lopez and Tyler Posey reunite 12 years after Maid in Manhattan.

Just before we connected the dots, Jennifer Lopez reminded us of the crazy blast from the past when Tyler Posey played her son Ty in the 2002 rom-com. “It’s crazy…he’s so big! Oh my god,” she said, as she lowered her hands in a gesture to show how little he once was. Quite possibly the cutest mother and son casting ever. After 12 years, we will say this: age has been great to both of them.

5. Vintage Selena Gomez returns by acknowledging the Justin Bieber mess and loving her mom.

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