Thanks For Playing: The 8 Most Epic Game Show Struggles Of All Time

At one time or another, we’ve all shrieked at the TV when some bozo blows an easy question on a game show. Once indoor voices are resumed, we’re tempted to feel tremendous sympathy for these poor souls. It’s only natural to assume that intense pressure brought on by crowds, cameras, and cash has caused them to become a bundle of nerves and choke, right? Wrong.

I personally have been one of the aforementioned bozos, and that definitely wasn’t the way it went down. The crowds, cameras, and cash have the total opposite effect, with adrenaline turning you into a sort of coked-up trivia nerd with a God complex. All eyes are on you, so clearly you must have all the answers. You truly begin believe that you know things, even topics that you know NOTHING about. Case in point-


During the lengthy preparation process, producers constantly remind you to take risks and “really go for it.” After you get a few correct answers under your belt, caution quickly goes out the window. Suddenly you feel like George Clooney in Ocean’s 11You’re about to pull off the big con! You are about to succeed where many (thousands? millions?) have failed!

And that’s how you fail. Your brain has been lulled into a false sense of security, and inevitably you say “A” when you should have said “C,” or say “Jerry Seinfeld” when you should have said “Katie Couric.” What’s worse, you say it with such conviction. Before you know it, the crowds, cameras and cash are gone and you find yourself in a Chipotle wondering where it all went wrong. It’s a very common tale. The house always wins.

But hey, at least I had a decent run before my fall from grace. I honestly don’t know what the hell happened to these folks during their truly epic bombs.


8. Enbalming Fluid Bomb (Who Wants To Be A Millionaire)
The Struggle: Embalming fluid is used in cadavers, so all this Millionaire contestant has to do is identify which of the four items is a dead human body. This is apparently harder than it looks.


7. Wolf In Jeopardy

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