10 Hilarious Actors Who Dared To Bare for the Good of a Joke

  • Cameron Diaz Sex Tape

  • Ben Stiller, Along Came Polly

  • Will Ferrell, Old School

  • Ken Jeong, The Hangover

  • Kim Cattrall, Porky’s

  • Seth Rogen, Knocked Up

    [Photo: Universal Pictures]

  • Sasha Baron Cohen, Borat

  • Beverly D’Angelo, National Lampoon’s Vacation

  • Sarah Silverman, Take This Waltz

  • Jason Segel, Finding Sarah Marshall

Nudity on-screen is no new thing, obviously. Way back in 1934, Tarzan and His Mate engaged in a very lusty, full-on naked swim, which shocked Depression era audiences everywhere. But that’s the thing, nudity in movies is usually about sex. Not so when comedic actors do it. They use their un-yoga’d, un-tanned, non-waxed naked bodies as a tool for being funnier. Take Jason Segel in Finding Sarah Marshall. As his girlfriend dumped him, he stood a thousand percent nude — and limp — in his apartment (for what felt like hours), and we howled. When Frank the Tank (Will Ferrell) went streaking in Old School, his exposed full moon wasn’t about being hot, it was about being hilarious.

From Sarah Silverman going full-frontal in Take This Waltz to Kim Cattrall proving why her Porky’s gym teacher earned the name Lassie (here’s a hint: she howls…during), let’s check out the ten most explicit nude scenes by comedic actors!

Watch Sex Tape costars and nudity enthusiasts Segel and Cameron Diaz try to determine the difference between sex positions and yoga poses, below.

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