Little League’s Leading Lady: Mo’ne Davis Is Our YAS Girl of the Week!

By already giving MLB stars a run for their money, Mo’ne Davis IS the definition of a YAS girl. As one formidable pitcher for the all-male Taney Dragons, this 13-year-old superstar isn’t letting any dude get in her way.

What’s most impressive about Mo’ne is how she is smoking the competition. Her 70MPH fastballs are striking out boys left and right, and earlier this week, she led her Philadelphia team to the Little League World Series by pitching a three-hit, six-strikeout effort. Baseball’s biggest badass is in the making.

The young, very talented teen will be the 18th female to play in the Little League Word Series in the past 68 years. Her team’s first game in the LLWS is happening today against South Nashville. We’re rooting for you Mo’ne! YAS!

[Photo Credit: FOX Sports]

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