Why Kylie Jenner’s Famous Family Members Are Her Best Teachers

As the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kylie Jenner is the the latest to find her way into controversy after a wild birthday celebration. Since she’s grown up watching her famous family, she has the luxury of learning from their experiences (mistakes and all). The reality TV princess turned 17 last week, which means she’s one year closer to becoming a full-fledged adult or star in her own spin-off. In between VIP treatment and partying, have her older siblings passed along any words of wisdom to their baby sister?

From Kim’s sex tape to Khloe’s heartbreaking divorce from Lamar Odom, the Kardashians and Jenners have been through it all — mostly while the cameras were rolling. And after seven seasons of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, it’s clear no scandal can break this family up. At the end of the day, they remain as close as they were when we were first introduced to them umpteen years ago. As Kylie continues to mature into an independent young woman, there are individual life lessons to be learned from her brothers and sisters. All 78 of them.

What Kylie can learn from Kourtney Kardashian: How to not give a flying f–k, while actually giving a f–k.

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Kourtney pretends not to care about anything 95 percent of the time, and basically coined the acronym “YOLO.” (Sorry, Drake.) On Keeping Up With the Kardashians, we’ve seen times when she’s opened up and let us peak into the dark depths of her soul. She’s carefree and hilarious on the outside, but cynical and sometimes sad on the inside. So complex.

What Kylie can learn from Kim Kardashian: How to perfect the duck face.

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Kim loves to practice her signature duck face on a daily basis. And by practice, we mean share with all 17.5 million of her followers. It looks like Kylie is already starting to get the technique down by watching her older sis.

What Kylie can learn from Brandon Jenner: How to be in love.

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 All we really know about Brandon from the show is that he adores his wife, Leah Jenner. He talks about stuff like love, love, love, oh, and, love. Which actually might be beneficial for Kylie, seeing as it’s probably the most functional romantic relationship in the family.

What Kylie can learn from Scott Disick: How to live like a lord.

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Scott isn’t technically Kylie’s brother, but he’s been in the family long enough so he might as well be. We all thought he was a little ridiculous when he pursued becoming an actual royal during his trip to London. Now, the family refers to him as LD for Lord Disick and his antics are so over the top they’re hilarious. We love that he calls Kourtney out for being loaded, famous, and really having nothing to do. He’s self-aware and has no shame taking it to the whole next level.

What Kylie can learn from Khloe Kardashian: How to spit out random expressions, therefore making everyone love you.

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Some of our favorites include: “Freak of the week,” “Douche Lord” (in reference to Scott circa season five), “Let’s shake rattle and roll,” and “Save the drama for your mama.” Short and to the point, yet conveying oh-s0-much. Although Khloe has been through a difficult time, she always remains lighthearted and fun — without taking life too seriously. As the most entertaining of the clan, we can’t help but like her style.

What Kylie can learn from Brody Jenner: How to properly hang with a bro, you know?

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Whenever the family is fighting and/or screaming at each other on the show, we can always find Brody minding his own business in a different room. He likes to be active, and rather then getting in on family drama, we often see him more interested in surfing, boating, or having a cold one. ’Cus that’s just what bros do.

What Kylie can learn from Rob Kardashian: How to let her sensitive side show.

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What he can’t teach her is how to stop letting it out. His breakup with Adrienne Bailon, the loss of his late father, and an excessive weight gain have all caused Rob to shed tears on screen. As the only Kardashian son, we may have seen Rob break down more times than his sisters combined. Not that we’re judging. That much.

What Kylie can learn from Kendall Jenner: You really don’t have to talk much to be a big time runway model.

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Just one year apart, we saw Kendall and Kylie grow up together as partners in crime on the show. Since then, Kendall’s career has skyrocketed, as she’s modeling for couture lines and starring in ad campaigns around the world. What’s interesting is that she never gets a word in edgewise since her louder, older sisters are always around. In case Kylie wants to pursue a similar career, her older sis proves that being in-your-face isn’t always the way to get the most attention. Who knew.

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