What You Missed On VH1: Bad Celebrity Bleach Jobs, Homeless Chris Pratt + More

Last week on VH1 was all about the unexpected. We covered male celebrities who look way better in make up than women, Chris Pratt when we was homeless in Hawaii, the return of the tacky celebrity cornrow trend and more.

  • James Franco is one of the many male celebrities who went bleach blonde and really shouldn’t have. [VH1]
  • Chris Pratt shared an adorable photo of his younger self posing in front of the Scooby Doo van he used to live out of in Hawaii before he hit Hollywood. [VH1]
  • Jared Leto

    [Photo Credit: Candy magazine]

  • Johnny Depp

    [Photo Credit: Fine Line Pictures]

  • Zac Efron

    [Photo Credit: NBC]

  • Neil Patrick Harris

    [Photo Credit: Hedwig and the Angry Inch]

  • Jude Law

    [Photo Credit: Cinetic Media]

  • James Franco

    [Photo Credit: Candy magazine]

  • Bret Michaels

    [Photo Credit: Hit Parade]

  • Khal Drogo

    [Photo Credit: HBO]

  • Cillian Murphy

    [Photo Credit: Sony Pictures Classics]

  • Adam Lambert

    [Photo Credit: Frontiers magazine]

  • Don’t panic but Jared Leto rocks a bold red lip better than you. [VH1]
  • Cornrows aren’t for everyone but this trend has been sweeping the summer once again. [VH1]
  • Remember when ’N Sync made a cameo on The Simpsons? [VH1]

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