Celebrities Barbecue Like Real Human Beings

By Christopher Rosa 

We hope you’re celebrating this ’Merica-filled holiday with a tradition as old as, well, the United States: barbecues. If burgers and hot dogs are on your agenda, you’re in great company: Stars love getting their grill on just like us earthlings.

From classic cookouts to yummy street vendors, Niall HoranLady Gaga and even President Barack Obama have been caught indulging in a little backyard grub. And while some celebrities hide behind their movies and music videos to enjoy some grilled goodies (ahem, Zac Efron and Will Smith), we know their love for barbecue is real. Very real.

Take a sizzling stroll through our gallery and rest assured that even Victoria’s Secret Angels can’t resist a little chicken on the barbie (we knew you were our favorite, Alessandra Ambrosio.)