New York Teen Lobbies for “Cats & Lasers” Yearbook Portrait

When it comes to making a lasting impression, there’s no better way than to add a bunch of cats and lasers to your high school yearbook portrait. Certainly a standout idea, it’s also quite unconventional leaving one student demanding for his own bit of uniqueness, nerve, and fur.

Draven Rodriguez is causing a stir at Schendectady High School in upstate New York for submitting a senior portrait with the classic ‘70s-inspired laser background and his furry companion, Mr. Bigglesworth.

The portrait is definitely a winner but knowing he might get pushback, Rodriguez started an online petition to gain support for his submission. “I’m a little out there and a little tongue-in-cheek,” Rodriguez tells The Daily Gazette. “Cats and lasers . . . sarcastic. It’s so outlandish and ridiculous.”

Unfortunately, the school district is not entirely onboard. “That will not appear in the portrait section,” School district spokeswoman Karen Corona tells the paper. Whatever happens, Rodriguez won for best yearbook portrait. Ever. At least until the onslaught of copycats submit lasers portraits to yearbooks all across America.

Here’s the portrait sans lasers.