Ryan Gosling Is Officially a DILF: Eva Mendes Gives Birth to Baby Girl, Couple Welcomes First Child Together

Are you sitting down? Us Weekly is reporting that Eva Mendes gave birth on Friday, Sept. 12, welcoming a baby girl with partner Ryan Gosling. Congratulations to them? It felt like the world came crashing down in July when reports surfaced that Mendes was expecting her first child with Gosling, and thus Baby Goose could no longer participate in your detailed fantasies of marriage. On the bright side: Gosling is now officially a DILF. The couple’s daughter, who will obviously be ridiculously good looking, is a Virgo, which puts her in the company of Amy Poehler and Beyoncé (not bad). And let’s be honest: You can’t wait for the first photos of Gosling wearing a Baby Bjorn to the farmers market.

How are you feeling? How is Rachel McAdams feeling?

Take a look back at a vintage Mendes interview circa 2007 when the actress scoffed at the idea of being pregnant (“Ew!”) and couldn’t stop talking about how much she wanted a bed pan.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]