EXCLUSIVE: Meet the Future Riddler of Gotham Before the Fox Premiere

Like any good origin story, Fox’s upcoming series Gotham is tasked with showing viewers how many iconic DC Comics characters that they know and love came to be. In addition to good guys like Detective James Gordon (Benjamin McKenzie) and a young Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz), the mysterious metropolis is filled with plenty of villains-in-the-making. Meet Edward Nygma, the quirky Gotham police department employee who has a tendency to turn every task into a riddle. Working as a coroner gives him a close proximity to heinous crimes, but actor Cory Michael Smith swears he’s just trying to help — initially. “Edward is helping Gotham City — he’s just a guy trying to do his job,” Smith says, describing Edward’s transition to the darker side as a process. “These people are human and how they get to be evil and villainous and do horrible things, there’s like actual humanity behind it and there’s something that drives people to these places.”

While he always seems to have a goofy smile on his face, his colleagues are less enthused by his behavior. Get to know more about Edward, Gotham’s future Riddler, from Smith and the cast before the series premieres on Monday night.

See Smith’s Gotham co-star Robin Lord Taylor chat with Jarvis in the elevator.

[Photo Credit: FOX]