This Week in WTF: Nick Cannon and His Emancipation from Mimi

It’s been a strange week for Nick Cannon. Ever since the tabloids revealed — and then he later confirmed — that he and Mariah Carey were headed for a divorce, the actor and one time singer has been subject of a lot of press. Among the highlights: his plan to make Amber Rose a star, questions about his net worth and $2 million shoes, and rumors about hanging with Toni Braxton.

Let’s break down all the drama, shall we?

Nick Cannon’s New Daydream: Amber Rose

Causing a stir this week was news that Cannon is Rose’s new manager and responsible for landing her a new TV series and book deal. Kanye West’s former muse and Wiz Khalifa’s baby mama was recently signed to Cannon’s management company, NCredible Entertainment.

“I’m putting Amber on TV,” one headline screamed, as if to suggest Cannon was focused on one incredibly arduous mission to make the former model a star.

According to the Daily Mail, this is all part of Cannon’s plan to stay focused on his career amid his split from Carey. He’s has to make the deals if he plans to pay the bills.

Those Shoes Aren’t Made of Glitter, They’re Made of Diamonds

Speaking of bills, it looks like Cannon is much more savvy than we realized. The America’s Got Talent host’s financial set up is now under scrutiny thanks to the impending divorce from Carey. And Cannon didn’t do himself any favors by showing off a pair of $2 million custom Jason Arasheben diamond shoes during the AGT finale.

With Carey’s most recent album sales stalling, you know her divorce lawyers are going to go after every last diamond on those slippers.

Does Cannon Have Emotions for Toni Braxton?

I hear Cannon has been hanging out with Braxton. The two were seen laughing at Get Lucky for Lupus’ charity event. They’ve been inseparable ever since — well the last part’s not totally true. The singer presented Cannon with an award, and all eyes were on Braxton as she showed some skin in a strapless, leather bustier. (Thanks for suffering through that rough Mean Girls reference.)

Talking about making an unlucky impression on Cannon. No way to explain that one to Mimi.

In other Cannon news, the star returns to VH1 with the original film, Drumline: A New Beat, premiering in October.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]