Movie Stars Who Bombed on the Small Screen

  • Christina Ricci Pan Am

  • Christian Slater The Forgotten

  • Bette Middler Bette

  • Ashley Judd Missing

  • Whoopi Goldberg TV series

  • Jonah Hill Allen Gregory

  • Rob Schneider Rob TV show

  • The Richard Pryor Show

  • Dustin Hoffman Luck

With movie ticket sales declining, quality television has taken its place as the cool kids table in the cafeteria. The hottest, most feted actors in all of celebdom are clamoring to get cast on the small screen — and it’s not just TV actors. Movie stars want in on the compelling scripts and genius ensemble casts, too. And it’s a win-win for television execs (who wouldn’t want the instant recognizability and built-in audience that a big screen star would bring to their series?). The only issue? For every Alec Baldwin, Zooey Deschanel, or Matthew McConaughey, you have a Christina Ricci, Christian Slater, or Ashley Judd — all of whom starred on series (or multiple series) that bombed spectacularly.

From Whoopi Goldberg’s groan-tastic 2003 sitcom to Dustin Hoffman’s PETA-protested HBO series, Luck, let’s take stroll through television’s Land of Failed Movie Star Vehicles, shall we?

Luck wasn’t Oscar winner Hoffman’s only disappointment. Watch below as he reveals how he prepares for award show letdowns.

[Photo Credit: ABC]