The Scariest Dolls in Pop Culture

  • Billy the Puppet

  • Chucky

  • Poltergeist

  • Dead Silence

  • Dolls

  • Dolly Dearest

  • Willie

  • Gwendy dolls

  • Pinocchio

  • Fats from Magic

  • Blade

  • Talking Tina

  • Child’s Play

Annabelle, a spin-off of the 2013 horror movie The Conjuring, hits theaters this weekend. The film centers on a creepy living doll — aptly named Annabelle — that gets possessed by satanists who invade a married couple’s home. Horrific events at the hand of the tiny yet terrifying toy ensue. However, she isn’t the first to come alive and scare the pants off humans with knife-wielding antics.

Plenty of diabolical dolls have come before her and made us never want to set foot in a Toys R Us® again. From Chucky (and his eerie wife Tiffany) to manipulative dummies to psychopathic Barbie wannabes, pop culture is rampant with dolls that cause us to let out a collective “NOPE.” Peruse our picks for the 13 scariest movie and television dolls of all time, and check out Annabelle this weekend (if you feel like crying, of course).

[Photo Credit: Trimark Pictures, Universal Pictures]