Ranking the Men of Desperate Housewives By How Badly We Want Them To Be Our Husband

  • George Williams

  • Dave Williams

  • Orson Hodge

  • Chuck Vance

  • Zach Young

  • Rex Van De Camp

  • Paul Young

  • Preston Scalvo

  • Nick Bolen

  • Andrew Van De Camp

  • Porter Scalvo

  • Karl Mayer

  • Jackson Braddock

  • Austin McCann

  • Ian Hainsworth

  • Danny Bowen

  • Ben Faulkner

  • Victor Lang

  • Bob Hunter

  • Adam Mayfair

  • Lee McDermott

  • keith-watson

  • John Rowland

  • Roy Bender

  • Mike Delfino

  • Carlos Solis

  • Tom Scalvo

While most of the men on Wisteria Lane were either schemers, cheaters, stalkers, or killers, they were all pretty to look at. Desperate Housewives provided us with some dreamboats like the shirtless Mike Delfino (James Denton) and John Rowland (Jesse Metcalfe) as well as some men we feared. In honor of still thinking about these hunks 10 years since we first met them, we’re ranking each and every man of Fairview purely based on who we’d want as our real life husbands. We even asked star Dana Delany (Katherine Mayfair) to play Do, Mary, Kill with them. What? Like you haven’t thought about it?

Whether you prefer a stay-at-home, super-dad like Tom Scalvo (Doug Savant), ambitious politician with a crazy side like Victor Lang (John Slattery), or a protective, controlling businessman like Carlos Solis (Ricardo Chavira), there was most definitely a man for you on the lane. As for Delany? When it comes to the show’s leading men, she would: “Kill Tom Scalvo. Do Carlos Solis. Marry Mike Delfino.” Do you agree? Hop into the gallery above and see who’s been justified as Fairview’s most desirable hubby.

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