Dana Delany Wanted Marcia Cross As a Love Interest and More You Didn’t Know About Desperate Housewives

If you miss hearing this every Sunday night before being engulfed in all the scandalous drama of Wisteria Lane, join the club. This month marks the 10-year anniversary of the Desperate Housewives premiere, one of the sexiest, most iconic guilty pleasures in TV history. VH1 reminisced with America’s dream husband Mike Delfino (James Denton) and lovable loon Katherine Mayfair (Dana Delany) about the series and what made it so juicy, on and off set.

Delany (Hand of God, The Comedians) and Denton reveal who was the biggest ladies’ man on set (was it Jesse Metcalfe or Josh Henderson?) and scenes they shot that were too naughty to air. It’s clear they just as much fun shooting with the cast — Eva Longoria, Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman and Marcia Cross — as we did watching. Until our prayers of a Desperate Housewives reboot are answered, here are some things about the beloved series that you didn’t know.

1. Bree and Katherine were possible love interests… sort of.

Well, in Delany’s mind anyway. The actress tells VH1 another scenario she had dreamed up for Katherine’s happily ever after: “I really thought that Bree and Katherine should be together. I really did. I felt like they were two sides of the same coin and there was a lot of shipping going on about those two and I think it would of worked. I think it would of been one of those relationships with women in their older years going ’Oh it was you all along!’ Why not?”

2. James Denton actually made Teri Hatcher blush after the iconic bush scene.

When we saw the naked, accident-prone Susan (Hatcher) fall into the bushes only to be caught by her love interest Mike (Denton), we were immediately hooked. Denton tells us the episode three scene holds a special place in his heart as well: “Believe it or not, that’s not why it was my favorite episode. Susan and I walked across the street and it was their first date and she says: ’Thanks for being such a gentleman, when I was outside naked you know’ and I say something like, ’You know I had to be honest I did take a peek and for what it’s worth WOW’ and walked away and she just literally blushed in the scene. It was really, really great.”

3. Felicity Huffman and Marc Cherry threw the best parties. 

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