Yas Girl of the Week: Amal Alamuddin

If you aren’t already clued in to incredible badass lawyer Amal Alamuddin, you should be. This London-based barrister and activist was born in Lebanon and graduated from both Oxford and New York University. She even clerked under future Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor while in law school. Amal specializes in international law, criminal law, human rights, and extradition.

At only 36, she has represented some of the most high profile human rights cases in the world, including Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange in his extradition case. She has also been a legal adviser to the King of Bahrain and has written articles on law for outlets like The Huffington Post.

And of course, she wed George Clooney this weekend in Venice surrounded by family and friends. For more details on the wedding, check out the video below.

[Photo: Getty Images]