Big Morning Buzz Live Finds Celebrity Doppelgangers in the Real World

We all know someone who looks like a celebrity. Today, Big Morning Buzz Live’s hosts took video submissions from regular people who are always told they look like certain stars. Can the hosts guess the celebs these everyday folks resemble?

Nick Lachey and Michelle Buteau, joined by twin comedians the Lucas Brothers (22 Jump Street) tried their bests to match fans to their famous lookalikes. Find out who won the challenge in the clip above.

Celebrities don’t just have doppelgangers in the real world — they also have lookalikes in Hollywood! In the gallery below, see which stars look like they were separated at birth.

  • America-Ferrera_Jordin-Sparks

  • Angelina-Jolie_Megan-Fox-

  • Lucy_Selena

  • Danielle-Jonas_Haylie-Duff-

  • Emma-Stone_Jane-Levy-

  • Isla-Fisher_Amy-Adams

  • Will_Chad

  • amber-heard_kate-upton2

  • hartnett-kitsch

  • minka-leighton4

  • christa-allison

  • nicole-kim2

  • sarah-h-mila

  • vanessa-jessica

  • zooey-katy

  • Rihanna_Prince

  • Milla_Linda

  • Jeffrey_Javier

  • portia-drea

  • sherri-yvette

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]