Twin Peaks Is Returning To Television, Forcing Us To Get Our Netflix Queue in Order

Twin Peaks, the short-lived ’90s TV show with a dedicated cult following, is returning to television. Starring a pre-Sex and the City Kyle MacLachlan, the series was created by Mark Frost and avant-garde director David Lynch and centered on an FBI agent solving a murder in an eccentric small town. ABC canceled the show in 1991, but it was announced today that the series will air new episodes on Showtime in 2016.

Like Arrested Development before and Community before it, the series joins a select group of shows that have found life on other networks. It’ll be a while before fans get a taste of the new installments, but Twin Peaks’ devotees wasted no time rejoicing on Twitter.

One user even declared today the best Monday ever, coupling the Twin Peaks news with the Supreme Court’s refusal to take states’ cases against same-sex marriage.

Another user hopes the new episodes will eventually be released on VHS, the way ’90s fans truly want it.

Skeptics and haters also flooded Twitter. Political writer Dave Weigel noted TV fans had previously been burned by Arrested Development’s lackluster return last year

And of course, the return of a beloved yet gone too soon series gives all of us hope — especially Patton Oswalt.

Before you start binge-watching (reminder: You have two whole years) take a look at other shows that resurfaced after cancellation.

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