Documentaries Streaming on Netflix That Will Change Your Life … For Two Weeks

Tons of documentaries are streaming online, educating and enraging us from the comfort of our homes. When we watch films that point out injustices or present cool new perspectives, we’re momentarily moved to change our lifestyles. But sadly, we don’t really have what it takes to follow through.

Though we wanted to ditch processed food after watching Food Inc., we couldn’t tear ourselves away from the snacks we’ve come to love. A doc about Wal-Mart’s business practices will made us promise never to set foot in the store again, but when we needed items cheap and fast, we found ourselves being greeted by smiley faces. And after watching Holy Rollers, we discovered that a group of devout Christians had more motivation than we did to learn card counting and pay bills with blackjack winnings.

Check out the documentaries in our list, all of which are streaming on Netflix. Do you have the resolve to make lasting lifestyle changes based on these films?

Exit Through The Gift Shop (2010)

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