Alfonso Ribeiro Busts Out The Carlton on Dancing with the Stars, Crushes Dreams of a Fresh Prince Reunion
Dancing with the Stars has a strong history of helping former household names regain the spotlight (while wearing spandex). Last night, Season 19 contestant Alfonso Ribeiro took to floor to the familiar sounds of Tom Jones, busting out moves he made famous on ’90s series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Since you probably haven’t gotten tired of doing “The Carlton” at parties, it’s nice to know that Alfonso is down to revisit his past — especially when there are cameras rolling. But don’t let this get you too excited. While plenty of old television shows are finding new life, Ribeiro told E! News there are no plans for a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reunion. “We all felt like [James Avery] was the centerpiece or the nucleus of that show. Without him, it just doesn’t work. So even if the whole cast comes to support me on the show, we’re not looking for that to happen. And that’s OK.”