Famous Men Who Take Style Tips from the Ladies

Tyrus Townsend

Let’s face it: Style has become so fluid these days that it’s no surprise to see ladies borrowing from the fellas and vice-versa. So what happens when the lines become blurred and the looks overlap gender?

We rounded up a list of our favorite celebrities who cross gender lines and embrace unique style with artistic freedom. From crop tops to open blouses and dudes in skirts, we must remember this: It’s just fashion, bro!

The Crop: Kid Cudi vs Pop Divas

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What is old always becomes new again, so it was no surprise — well maybe a little — when rapper/actor Kid Cudi donned one of the biggest trends during Coachella 2014: the crop top. Can you imagine the look on all those hipsters faces when he graced the stage in a barely there t-shirt, perfectly sculpted abs, tiny waist, and fitted jeans? It probably was the same reaction of those who watched a young and tender Madonna flaunt the same blouse in the mid-’80s video for her song “Lucky Star,” or when Prince drove his “Little Red Corvette,” arrived at the venue and twirled on stage wearing a similar fitted number. In recent years Janet Jackson, the Spice Girls, and Christina Aguilera have followed suit and embraced this belly baring t-shirt and most certainly any man, with nerve and talent, can do the same. Kudos to Cudi and his enormous confidence!

Open Shirt, No Bra Needed Season

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First Marilyn Monroe, J-Lo, Kim Kardashian, and now Kanye West! What do they all have in common? You’ve guessed it: All have gone out in public sans undergarment, more specifically under support (is that even a word?). While attending the shows during Paris Fashion Week, the newlywed twosome decided to coordinate their outfits even ditching the bothersome and sometimes pesky undergarment known as a bra (or in his case, a soft cashmere tee); in their defense it can be pretty warm wearing all those layers of clothing. Never ashamed to flaunt what they have, Kanye’s oversized, open shirt rivaled Kim’s customized, fitted black blazer. Is this a revival of the ’60s Bra Burning Movement? Maybe they decided to switch clothes at the last minute? Maybe it was planned? Who really knows? *inserts Kanye West shrug*

Mad About Plaid/He Stole My Look

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The Plaid Hatter, or in this case, The Plaid Rocker, Lenny Kravitz, sure does love his plaid (tartan) and apparently so does Wale. But we’ve seen this look more than once and on two particular ’90s fashion-obsessed rich teenagers named Cher and Dionne from the cult classic Clueless. Like those young ladies, Lenny and Wale have both rocked this looked several times without apology; historically, it was used on kilts, which proves that men have worn dresses long before it became popular. Obviously both have embraced the classic print in different ways, much like Dionne and Cher. Dare we ask: Did he steal their look? As if!

The Man Skirt

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Whether it’s leather, maxi, or mini, men wearing skirts is nothing new. So when Kanye, Young Thug, and A$AP Rocky made this trend relevant again, the masses began to talk. In 2003, the Metropolitan Museum of Art presented “Braveheart: Men in Skirts” and proved that women borrowed from male closets long before we played in theirs; this fad is still pretty modern in the States. Sartorial freedom has always existed in hip-hop and now with a new wave of gender-bending wordsmiths, popular culture has embraced and inspired more than a few gentleman to trade in trousers for something light and flouncy. If given the opportunity, I would don a Givenchy dress in a heartbeat. In the words of A$AP, during an interview with MTV, “If fashion is your life and that’s what you like and that’s what you’re about, express yourself, wear what you want and nothing matters, nobody else opinions matter.” In other words: Real men wear skirts!

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