How To Run a Business Like Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian

When they’re not busy slapping each others’ bare asses on national television, Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian are a dynamic duo who run shit in the business world. Although Kim was in the picture and helped make their boutique Dash so successful, we can all agree it was much more entertaining watching these two. They’re ridiculous, but also crazy business savvy. It’s possible they got it from their momma Kris Jenner. But don’t be fooled by the silly antics these two pull, because they know exactly what it takes to bring in that cash. With all of the drama, the family’s business is indeed hard to keep up with. We’re skipping the spreadsheets, back orders and conference calls and getting down to what’s really important when you’re running a business Kourtney and Khloé-style.

Call each other out.

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The good thing about being in business with family is that you aren’t really worried about hurting the other person’s feelings. Season 2 of Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami started with Kourtney fighting with Khloé for not doing enough at work, which in turn caused Kim to fly out, and this amazing thing to happen. See? There are many positive outcomes that can come from giving it to them straight.

Know when to take a step back.

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Running a business can without a doubt drive you crazy, so it’s important to let things go and not sweat the small stuff. If you’re heated, sometimes it’s just best to walk away. How many storm-outs have we seen on Kardashians following fights? About one trillion.

If you have to fire a bitch, so be it.

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Like any other business people, the Royal Family of TV is cutthroat. Khloé had no problem firing Kourtney’s friend Erica Mena from Dash when they took Miami in 2009. She was cursing, late, and rude to customers and KoKo wasn’t having it.

Don’t discriminate.

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Your business should reflect your morals. Show your customers the lovin’ they deserve so you get it right back…in monetary form. Also you’ll feel better about your own soul.

If you aren’t happy about something, don’t be shy.

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It’s your business, and you shouldn’t hold back when it comes to decision making (after being on the same page as your partner, of course). If not, you’ll regret choices you won’t be able to take back. Plus, no one is prompted to take orders from a pushover. Be the boss you are!

Liven up the work environment.

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You want your employees to give you 100% at all times, and they probably won’t do so if you’re a sourpuss they can’t stand to be around. Carpe diem, baby.

Will their little sis Kylie Jenner have as much luck with her music career? Only time will tell.

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Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.