Colts vs. Giants: Which NFL Team Is Hotter?

  • Andrew Luck and Eli Manning

    [Photo: Getty Images]

  • Trent Richardson and Andre Williams

    [Photo: Getty Images]

  • Reggie Wayne and Odell Beckham Jr.

  • Ahmad Bradshaw and Michael Cox

  • TY Hilton and Rueben and Randle

  • Dwayne Allen and Larry Donnell

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  • LaRon Landry and Quintin Demps

    [Photo: @therealmrlandry30, Getty Images]

  • Coby Fleener and Daniel Fells

    [Photo: @coby,]

  • Cory Redding and Jason Pierre Paul

    [Photo: Getty Images, @_udwjpp]

  • Adam Vinatieri and Josh Brown

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As the Indianapolis Colts and New York Giants prepare to face off on Monday Night Football, everyone is crunching numbers to try and predict who will win. But only time will tell the answer to that conundrum — in the meantime, we’ve decided to take it upon ourselves to decide who has the better looking squad. From cute quarterbacks and their tight ends (sorry we couldn’t help it), to burly running backs and chisel-jawed kickers, we’re pitting position against position in a battle before, you know, the actual battle on the field tonight.

We’ll see who has the stronger arm between Andrew Luck and Eli Manning, but right now, we’re trying to decide which one we’d rather date. Who will be the most heroic defense between Cory Redding and Jason Pierre-Paul will be a matter of skill, but the one we deem to be the most handsome is a matter of opinion (and and important one at that!). So click through our gallery and tell us if you agree on our subjective rankings of Colts and Giants’ hotness.

Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz might be injured (we’re still crying about it, to be honest), but that doesn’t stop him from adding serious cuteness to the Giants squad. Check out his take on fall fashion, below.

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