You Can Stop Asking Jennifer Lopez About Ben Affleck Now

Jennifer Lopez celebrated her new memoir True Love at New York’s 92nd Street Y on Thursday night, but the powerhouse couldn’t stress enough that when it comes to her ex-fiancé Ben Affleck, she is Beyond. Over. It. Seriously, it was so 2004. She admits calling off their engagement was her “first big heartbreak,” but there is so much more to her story. “There was one line about Ben, and it’s the one everybody wanted to know about,” she said. So let’s all move on, shall we?

“I don’t know, maybe because it was so public… I was at the height really of the J.Lo days and the fame was really big at that moment,” she admits. “It was just a hard situation.” But after mentioning the topic in her book, the media can’t stop reliving the past. Since the book is called True Love, Lopez also addressed recent news about her ex-husband Marc Anthony’s engagement to Shannon De Lima:

Everybody knows he’s engaged and getting married and I’m so happy for him. But it’s hard, you know, to bring up all this stuff. It’s like, “Eh, why are we talking about this?” Because it is in the past. But the truth is, we had a family and we did plan on being together forever… I had to give up that dream.

Making her private life so public by putting her vulnerability out there is a “small sacrifice,” to make in order to help teach others about love. “To revisit any difficult moment in your life is not easy and there were times when I wanted to abandon writing the book completely,” she explained. “But at the end of the day I felt the message that I would be putting out there… could do more good.”

As for now, Jenny from the block is single and ready to be “whole” again before looking for love (a decision she maintains is a “choice,” not because “no one showed up”). Take that, haters. Including you, Mariah Carey.

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