Bill Cosby’s Social Media Initiative Is an #EpicFail

Bill Cosby and his team did not pick the optimal time to start a social media campaign, given that his past rape allegations have flooded the media over the last few weeks. Last night, the actor posted a meme of himself on Twitter with the caption: “Go ahead. Meme me!” inviting followers to create their own memes using #CosbyMeme. In about no time, he received major backlash as the effort his team thought would be fun and games quickly turned into nasty jokes and criticism, eventually getting deleted altogether.

Twenty-five years after Cosby’s alleged abuse of actress Barbara Bowman occurred, her recent Daily Mail story has caused them to resurface. “Bill Cosby threw me down on his bed and pinned me by my neck,” Bowman says. “I’ll never forget the sound of the clinking of his belt buckle.” Since, the 77-year-old actor has taken major heat, including a canceled interview on Queen Latifah’s talk show, and now, taunting memes created about him in an initiative he started.

Below are some of the responses Cosby received last night. Share your thoughts in the comments sections below.

And finally, one that reflects our thoughts exactly.

[Photo Credit: @BillCosby]

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