Blac Chyna Put Tyga on Blast, Revealing Just How Thirsty He is for Her

Meanwhile, Kylie's off being your typical millionaire teenager.

Stuff got real on Instagram last night—at least for the Kylie, Tyga, Blac Chyna love triangle. Blac posted an intimate text conversation between her and “King’s Father” a.k.a. Tyga, in which Tyga did some hard core, virtual begging and Chyna promptly dismissed him. Kylie, did you see that??
Meanwhile, his alleged GF Kylie was in the mirror.

And collecting a check a.k.a. posting about her cool new gadgets.

Kylie, thanks to followers (and haters) tagging you non-stop, we know you saw Chyna’s post. Now’s the time to have a chat with your sisters, maybe sprinkle some tears (or nah), and move on.

But wait, there’s more…kinda.

This morning, Tyga took to Twitter to dodge the entire thing with some ambiguous crap about real things in life.

If you are majorly confused right now, here’s a little back story.

We’ll keep you updated as we’re sure this is not the end of it since Amber Rose and Khloe have yet to give their two cents.


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