The Hottest NFL Wives and Girlfriends

  • Giselle Bunchen Tom Brady

  • Kristin Cavallari Jay Cutler

  • Leila Lopes

  • Aaron Rodgers Olivia Munn

  • Tony Romo Candice Crawford

  • Jessie James Decker Eric Decker

  • Elise Pollard Golden Tate

  • Katherine Webb A.J. McCarron

  • Sarah Celek Garrett Celek

  • Samantha Ponder Christian Ponder

  • Sanya Richards-Ross Aaron Ross

  • Lauren Tannehill Ryan Tannehill

  • Kacie McDonnell Aaron Murray

  • Kelly Hall Matthew Stafford

  • Lilit Avagyan Reggie Bush

  • Alicia Sacramone Brady Quinn

Everyone has a NFL crush. We’ve definitely been guilty of checking out the hotties on the field. But what about the wives and girlfriends of the NFL?

You know what they say: Behind every great man is a great woman. And the women you’re about to meet are GREAT. Better than great, even. Better looking than their football partners and definitely just as accomplished in their respective fields. And that’s what we love to see: strong, powerful, independent women in love who still rock it in their own right. From the very, very famous (Gisele Bundchen, who like husband, Tom Brady, is the best in her game and Jessie James Decker who chronicles her relationship on her own reality series) to the ones you might not know (four-time Olympic champion, Sanya Richards-Ross, wife of Aaron Ross) these wives and girlfriends of NFL stars are hot as hell and front and center when it comes to crushing life.

Watch reality star turned fashion designer Kristin Cavallari (wife of Jay Cutler) discusses her “strictly for the runway” line of NFL fashion, below.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]