Chelsea Handler Mocks Kim Kardashian By Mooning Instagram

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We had some greased-up Kim Kardashian butt with our coffee this morning when Paper Magazine attempted to “Break the Internet.” Everyone’s talking about Kim K’s two covers, and there’s no one better than Chelsea Handler to add fuel to that fire.

Just hours after the booty domination began, Chelsea took to Instagram to make fun of Kim’s pose with side-by-side bare-bottom photos of herself and the reality star. Because, why wouldn’t she? “Can you believe more than 2 ass can fit on the screen? Guess which one’s real. Your move, instagram,” she captioned.

A few hours later, Chelsea posted yet another side-by-side image, this time including Kim’s Paper cover and her own topless photo making fun of Russian President Vladimir Putin. This photo sparked controversy, igniting Chelsea’s ongoing war with the social media site after it was repeatedly removed. This time around, she says: “Just so I’m clear, Instagram…it’s ok to use nudity to sexualize yourself on your site, but not to make a joke? I’m just so confused.” Touché, Chelsea. How long do you think it’ll take before this picture gets pulled? We already have a timer going…

Learn more about Chelsea’s history with Instagram from The Gossip Table.

[Photo Credit: @chelseahandler]

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