What Was with Johnny Depp’s Bizarre Hollywood Film Awards Speech?

The crew behind the Hollywood Film Awards may be regretting the decision to televise the ceremony this year after Johnny Depp’s bizarre speech. The actor stole headlines by awkwardly slurring and cursing his way through presenting the documentary award for Mike MyersSupermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon.

While everyone stopped to scratch their heads, you have to admit that this is all amazing. As the ridiculously talented and accomplished actor he is, it’s cool that Depp clearly gives zero fucks. Why should he?

Kudos to you if you make it through 2:34 of him wrangling the microphone, swaying, and having trouble reading the teleprompter. No one really knows if he was drunk, high, a combination, or none of the above. Regardless of being cut off on stage, it looks like Depp had a grand old time. High five to Johnny Depp.

[Photo Credit: CBS]

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