The Internet Loves When Grandmas Get High

A YouTube video of three grandmothers smoking weed for the first time went up yesterday, and it’s been swirling around the Internet ever since. The six-minute video shows Paula, Dorothea, and Deirdre smoking from both a bong and a vaporizer, and, of course, they get high, play Jenga, drink tea, and eat Doritos.

“I was too busy raising children,” says Paula, when asked to explain why she’d never smoked weed. “I was a suburban housewife, and we had our cigarettes and our cocktails and we were happy,” adds Dorothea. You’ll want one of these women to be your own grandmother after watching the clip below. Created by Seattle-based Cut News, the video is believed by some to be subtle commentary on drug legalization in the United States.

The humor is in the pure innocence of the women. And as the filmmakers note at the end, “No grandmas were harmed in the making of this video.”

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