Kim Kardashian Puts Her Spin on ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ in Attempt To Break the Radio

If you live on planet Earth, you know by now there’s no escaping media mastermind Kim Kardashian. She shocked the world by landing the cover of Vogue, attempted to break the Internet with her Paper spread last week, and now, she’s hitting the airwaves. The reality star paid a visit to Australian radio station 92.9 and attempted to break the radio by reading Fifty Shades of Grey her way. The station requested Kim remove the dirty language and replace it with the name of a Kardashian product (which is maybe the easiest task ever). “His tongue is in my mouth, claiming and possessing me, his fingers still moving rhythmically inside my Fleur Fatale,” she said, dropping in her latest perfume.

In case you didn’t see the Paper spread…

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Will the effort be as successful as Paper’s cover? Was #BreakTheInternet even that successful? The Gossip Table crew explains.

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