Kim Kardashian vs. Khloe Kardashian: Whose Butt Is Better?

Before the Kardashian sisters built their business empire, they were known for two things: being absolutely crazy and having ridiculous curves. After her sex tape hit, Kim’s famous booty started taking over the world. Literally and metaphorically. From GQ to Paper and (of course) her own Instagram account, we can’t escape her backside. Is Kim’s butt overexposed, or does her booty deserve the attention? Could Khloé’s behind actually be better? We’re finding out.

Below, we break it down with the appropriate categories we see fit to determine who has the all-around nicer, better, most amazing butt. Take our poll at the end to have your say in this Kardashian sister booty throw down.

Round 1: Fancy Dress Butt

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Winner: Khloé. Kim’s hip-hugging latex dress can’t accentuate her curves enough to compete with Khlo’s donk. Why does Kim’s get all the attention again?

Before we go any further, can we confirm whether or not Kim’s famous body part is even real? The Gossip Table investigates.

Round 2: Tight Denim Butt

Winner: Khloé. Kim’s pants have a little bagginess going on in the back, while Khloé’s hug her just right. That’s a damn apple-bottom right there.

Round 3: Going to the Gym Butt

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Winner: Kim. Yoga pants aren’t flattering for everyone, but Kim can thank them for making her famous asset look in shape and perfectly round. Now get to those squats, women!

Round 4: Bathing Suit Butt

Winner: Kim. Curves for days. Not to mention Kim posted the picture above shortly after giving birth to baby North. Props.

Round 5: Side Butt

Winner: Khloé. This sister doesn’t need to strip down to prove she has epic side butt happening.

And the sister with the nicer butt is?… Khloé!

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You know you wanna tap that. Agree, or should Kim have taken the title? Vote in the poll below.

Who Has a Better Butt?

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Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.