The Best Times Celebrities Sold Stuff on QVC

-Megan Meadows

To us, home shopping networks mean deals on paring knives, overpriced costume bling, and velour birthday presents from our aunt that are still at the bottom of our closet. Well, pull out that velour jumpsuit from Aunt Carla, because QVC has some hot and trendy celebs vetting products on their channel. (And some of them are actually cute and wearable! Don’t tell.)

Much like everything great, Joan Rivers paved the way for this to be acceptable, and as we watched all of this awkward QVC celeb footage, we were thanking her so hard.

Ellen DeGeneres E.D On Air by Ellen DeGeneres
Everyone’s favorite happy-go-lucky daytime TV host Ellen DeGeneres isn’t just using her stylish moves up and down staircases on The Ellen Degeneres Show anymore. That’s right, America’s sweetheart funny lady has her own home decor line with QVC. She’s pretty stylish as is — hello, best hair ever — but we wouldn’t necessarily have thought to hire Ellen as our interior decorator. Her line looks like a cross between Pottery Barn and a woodland creature’s cottage, but is still pretty cute.

Watch her be incredibly awkward and uncomfortable with a QVC lady for an HOUR LONG special. Or, you know, put it on at 3 AM to fall asleep like most people do.

50 Cent and STREET by 50
Yeah, so… that happened. That’s how we felt when we found out that 50 Cent himself was hocking Philosophy products with the chatty ladies of QVC. OK, so he didn’t design his own Philosophy beauty line (that would’ve been really weird and/or amazing?), BUT he did give us a little Beats by Dre action with his own headphone line STREET by 50. Yes, “beat” rhymes with “street.” It’s kind of sad because they underscore all of his segments with his songs, and you’re like, “Oh right, that overplayed song from 10 years ago!”

Every clip from his appearance on QVC basically proves he should’ve named his first album Get Rich or Flirt with Giggly Middle-Aged Women in Pennsylvania Tryin’ Hey, a man’s gotta eat, right?

Kris Jenner and the Kris Jenner Kollection

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