Sorry, Ladies! Your Boyfriend Chris Pine Doesn’t Believe in Fairy Tales

We all grew up with the happily ever afters of iconic fairy tales. But do the same ideals featured in these classic stories hold up in modern relationships? VH1 asked the Into the Woods cast to weigh in at the New York press conference on Sunday.

“[The idea] that there is some kind of all-encompassing, burning, passionate love that will never die out unless you both die is so depressing and not real,” said Chris Pine, who plays Cinderella’s Prince in the upcoming movie musical. “There’s this trope in literature that somehow we’re not whole unless we have another — which, for me, is not fair to the uniqueness and wonderfulness of the individual. We can compliment one another greatly but we are not the source of each other’s happiness.”

While the rest of us rely on dating apps for potential mates, Pine doesn’t need any assistance in the romance department. “Chris Pine doesn’t need Tinder, he just steps out,” co-star James Corden joked. “He literally steps out of his door into a virtual Tinder. That’s everyday.” When Corden later put Pine on the spot by asking whether he would “swipe left or right” if Anna [Kendrick] came up on Tinder, the actor showed off his true Prince Charming side by diplomatically avoiding the question with a laugh.

Speaking of Tinder, Corden has a plan to update fairy tales for the modern age: “Tinderella, that’s a hashtag! Get it out there now!”

Into the Woods hits theaters on December 25.

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