Benedict Cumberbatch-Inspired Gifts To Buy Your Friends This Holiday Season

Aly Semigran

The holiday shopping season officially kicks off this week, and if you’ve got a Benedict Cumberbatch superfan in your life (a Cumberbitch, Cumberbabe, or Cumberbunny, if you will), you’re going to have to do way better than getting them Sherlock on Blu-ray.

Trust us, they already have that. Instead, you’ve got to get them something that will stand out and make them the envy of all the other Cumberbitches. We scoured the Internet looking for the coolest and craziest Cumberbatch-related gifts to share with you, and we found them just in time for the holidays. Merry Cumbermas, one and all!

Benedict Cumberbatch Earrings

Sure, it’s not quite the same as having The Imitation Game star whispering sweet nothings in your ear, but at least with these he’s in the general vicinity. From JamJarShop on Etsy, these plastic, nickel-free earrings allow Benedict Cumberbatch admirers to wear him wherever they go.

Check it out here.

Benedict Cumberbatch Charm Bracelet

Hey, they’re gonna need something to match those Cumberbatch earrings, right? This silver eight-piece charm bracelet from NixxiePixx on Etsy features a picture of the actor, as well as some Sherlock-inspired trinkets.

Check it out here.

Sherlock Doll

Who needs Cumberbatch-inspired jewelry when you can purchase his entire head? For $137, Etsy seller Natrume will sell you a recreation that’s 1/3 the size of the actual thing. Note: Toasted honey locks of lovely not included.

Check it out here.

If you need further explanation as to why this is a good gift for the biggest Cumberbatch fan in your life, watch the Penguins of Madagascar star flub his own last name (adorably).

Benedict Cumberbatch Pillow

Know someone who desperately wants to sleep with Benedict Cumberbatch? Well, that’s probably not going to fly, especially since he’s engaged to Sophie Hunter. Instead, they can sleep with the star… in pillow form! Anders Attic on Etsy provides that services with this “I Am Sherlocked” pillow, now comes in an even bigger size.

Check it out here.

Benedict Cumberbatch T-Shirt

This 100% cotton, silkscreened shirt from kusuriurisan on Etsy reads, “I Love Benedict Cumberbatch. Get Over It!” Pretty much sums things up, doesn’t it?

Check it out here.

Benedict Cumberbatch Mug

This stoneware mug (with features that famous Cumberbitch motto “I am Sherlocked”) from batwoodcreations on Etsy is so nice even non-Sherlock fans would want one. (Which is probably a good idea, because the Cumberbatch fan in your life is not going to share this.)

Check it out here.

Benedict Cumberbatch Pencils

Because if you’re going to write “Mrs. Benedict Cumberbatch” a thousand times in your notebook, what better way to do it with than with a set of inscribed “Mrs. Benedict Cumberbatch” pencils from PopCultPencils on Etsy?

Check it out here.

Benedict Cumberbatch iPhone Case

There are TONS of iPhone cases with Benedict Cumberbatch’s image (or just general Cumberbatch appreciation) on them for purchase online, but this one fromNicoleLiane on RedBubble is so good, the British actor may just call you to say thanks. (Personal phone call from Benedict Cumberbatch not guaranteed.)

Check it out here.