The Sexiest Moments from Shondaland Thursdays

Thanksgiving is over, but there’s still one thing we’re thankful for: Shonda Rhimes’ Thursdays on ABC. #TGIT is redefining primetime thanks to steamy shower sessions (Grey’s Anatomy), ridiculous love triangles (Scandal), and gay sex like we’ve never seen before (How To Get Away With Murder). 

Shonda’s shows have always been sexual, but Scandal turned the heat this year, while Murder took things to uncharted territory. We love that Rhime’s characters are unapologetic when it comes to sex. Especially her strong-willed, confident females. This season, Thursday is easily the sexiest night of the week. Here are the hottest moments from to date to remind you why.

How To Get Away With Murder

Episode 4: Connor and Paxton make use of office space

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Episode 6: Bonnie demands sexy time with Asher

Episode 7: Wes and Rebecca make the dead girl seem extra dead

Episode 2: Olivia summons Jake

Episode 7: Fitz and Olivia have phone sex

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