Wendy’s Thirst Is the Only Thing People Will Remember About ‘Peter Pan Live!’

-Tara Aquino

So many Peter Pan Live! hate-watch parties didn’t go as planned last night. Clumsy camera transitions, overstuffed set design, and timid action sequences proved too dull to engage viewers with secondhand-embarrassment. Luckily, the story had Wendy Darling (played by Taylor Louderman) to carry the entire conversation.

Twitter blew up during last year’s The Sound of Music Live!, and NBC’s latest production garnered the same results. However, its star-studded cast, including Christopher Walken as Captain Hook, who mailed in the role like a senior citizen Jack Sparrow, and Broadway legend Kelli O’Hara as the underutilized Mrs. Darling, weren’t the most tweeted about. Rather, that title went to this one little detail: Wendy constantly seeking affection from a hopelessly oblivious Peter Pan. (To be fair, it’s hard to blame her; Allison Williams as Peter even got Anna Kendrick questioning her sexuality.)

Here’s just some of what the concerned Twitter viewership had to say:

Welp, even if Peter wasn’t paying attention to her, at least the rest of the world was.

[Photo Credit: NBC]